Read Me First



Due to Covid-19, our 2022 Annual General Meeting is being held online.

Please view the following instructions:

1. Go online to, enter the site, and click on the AGM 2022 tab.

2. Scroll down to see various reports; click on tabs to access.

3. Once you have read all the reports, please send an email back to: with the following information (see below). You may wish to “copy and paste” the block of information below into your new message. If you do not know how to “copy and paste”, here is a link to a quick YouTube tutorial (just double-clink on the link below to take you to YouTube:

If there is more than one person over the age of 18 living at your address, please “sign” each individual name at the end of your email. Thank-you for your time and attention to this matter.

Please use the following block of information in your return email


EKM Health Foundation AGM 2022 Voting Results

Person’s Name: Jane Doe / John Doe
(Enter your name here. You may include all of the members of your household who are over 18 years of age.)

Person’s Community Name: Wolfville / Port Williams / Canning, etc.
(Enter your community name here)

Group Affiliation (if any): Acadia U / Canning Food Bank / N/A
(Enter your group name if applicable)

Please indicate whether you are “In favor” or “Against” the following:

1. I vote: In favor of the approval of all reports as presented, including the previous year’s 2021 AGM Minutes, the 2022 Chair’s Report, the 2022 Nomination Committee Report, and the Reviewed Financial Statements for 2021/2022 as prepared by Bishop & Company, Chartered Accountants.